Birds – Timeless and New

Join me in my reflection on observing two very different kinds of bird the other day – one timesless and natural, the other an innovative replica.

Embracing Change This Fall

Each season brings changes and challenges – read how you can embrace this Fall as a time for growth and make your transition into Winter more enjoyable.

It Won’t Last Forever

Change happens. In all you’re experiencing, remember that it won’t last forever. There are always changes, new lessons, and experiences awaiting.

Hi, I'm Rose

I’m a creator, performer, and seeker. I’m a writer, actor, singer, musician, dancer, and more.

I believe in personal, creative, and social growth and development from the inside out and from the individual out.

I get up each morning to help people recognize, acknowledge, and embrace the thoughts, feelings, and experiences that connect all of us as human beings. A more connected, compassionate, and empathetic world is possible. Let’s create it together. This space is all about exploring and growing, about not just making an honest living, but living honestly in our own individual ways. It’s filled (and always growing) with stories, tools, resources, opportunities to learn more about yourself, and support to take what you wish to share with the world and make it a reality.

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