3 Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Business

Spring is officially, finally here! To celebrate, I want to help you give your business some TLC by walking you through three tips for spring cleaning your business.

This is the time of year that people talk about clearing out the attic, tidying up the yard, and putting away their Winter clothes (if they’re lucky!). Our businesses don’t always get the same amount of attention. Below are a few ways to spring clean your business this season.

1. Put Your Blinders On

Okay. So in order to really get cleaning, you’re going to need to focus. That means it’s time to put on your blinders (for a little bit, anyway). One very actionable and effective way to do this is to do a social media detox and reconnect with your brand the way you envision it without all of the outside influence.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the posts, trends, and commotion of other entrepreneurs (colleagues and competitors) – especially for those of us who run businesses completely online.

This detox doesn’t have to be long! If you want, think of it simply as taking a break. You could turn off notifications and not check your most frequently viewed platforms for a weekend, after 5pm on weekdays, or every Tuesday and Thursday – it’s up to you! Be realistic and start with a plan that you know you can achieve.

In the end, your brand will freshen up and start to reflect you a whole lot more. Now is the time to remove the influences of others and focus on your unique mission and vision in business again.

2. Stop Talking About Your Business to the Wrong People

Your business isn’t for everyone and not everyone is for your business. Be really intentional about who gets to participate in discussing the victories and challenges, the ups and downs, of your business.

Your business isn't for everyone and not everyone is for your business. - Rose Carrie (voyarly.wpengine.com) Click To Tweet

Sometimes this bit of advice scares people. Don’t worry, you don’t need to go as far as to remove people from your life (though, that is a topic for another day). Today, just reflect on who really, really understands your journey as a business owner and entrepreneur. Recognize the people who can give you honest feedback when you need it and understanding support when it’s hard to ask for it.

Everyone else can talk to you about the trip you just took or about that great new show on HBO. When your business’s ultimate success is involved, figure out your list, your circle, and stick to it. We’re talking quality over quantity here.

3. Keep Your Cup Full

Now, I’m not talking about an actual cup… but if I was, my cup would be (and usually is) filled with my favorite teas. What I mean by “keep you cup full” in this sense is that sometimes you need to think of yourself first. Much like our second tip, sometimes this one freaks people out a little bit, so I’ll follow up by saying that this is something you can do within reason and in a way that feels comfortable to you.

This is just like that classic example of putting your own mask on first if the plane hits turbulence. Take care of yourself first so you can better take care of your business and others.

Now It’s Your Turn!

What do you think of these tips? Have you tried or do you plan to try any of them? Share you thoughts, experiences, and your own tips in the comments below!

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Rose (Voyarly Creative Co.)

Rose is a writer, web designer, strategic brand coach, and the founder and owner of Voyarly Creative Co. Voyarly Creative Co. educates and empowers business owners and entrepreneurs through strategic brand coaching and web design services.

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