5 Easy Ways to Tell If Your Website is Outdated

If you’ve asked yourself, “Is my website outdated?” recently, the answer is probably yes… but here are a few specific signs you can check to make sure.

1. It’s a Free Template

If you’re using something like wordpress.com to host a free blog and you used one of their free blog templates to keep things inexpensive and easy, chances are you’re using something everyone’s seen before. Not only that, you could be using a template that isn’t up to par with modern web design standards and best practices.

No worries if this served you well in the first couple of years of starting up. Everyone starts somewhere and a lot of people start with a free wordpress.com blog template to get them started. If you’re ready to take your website (and your brand) to the next level, however, it’s time to invest in something on brand, more professional, and custom to you.

2. People Liked Your Fonts and Colors… in the 90s

Don’t get me wrong, the 90s were great, however, there’s a tasteful and professional way to incorporate design on a website and then there’s outdated preferences and practices. A cursive script can be beautiful when implemented correctly, but too much can frustrate your visitors and give them a false impression of your brand and abilities. Bright colors can be fun, but too much is overwhelming and off-putting.

You don’t have to be versed in the latest trends and best practices yourself to have a website that looks and performs wonderfully. Just make sure you’re working with a web designer/developer that can guide you and help you build a site that you and your visitors love.

3. It’s Not User Friendly

UX (or user experience) isn’t just a buzzword. It’s an important part of your life, whether you realize it or not… and often times (when done well) we don’t realize it! Those signs that tell you which direction to push or pull a door? That’s UX. That pop-up window that makes sure you want to exit a web page (in case you hit that x on accident)? That’s UX. User experience, on and off the web, makes our lives better because it’s all about the user’s experience.

There are many ways that a website can and should incorporate UX into its design to make visitors’ experiences seamless and enjoyable. Along with standard practices, UX can and does change depending on the audience and the users using the website.

4. Music and Sounds Play Automatically

Nowadays, music and other audio clips that play automatically (and are hard to find/turn off) are not only annoying to visitors, they’re usually intrusive and can become an issue when visitors are in a quiet place or not expecting them. Not only that, automatically playing sound can run you into some web accessibility issues.

It’s okay to have videos on your website as it can be used as an engaging and creative way to capture your visitors’ attention. Most visitors, however, will close your window if sounds begin to pay and they aren’t expecting it and can’t easily turn it down or off.

Do your customers a favor and guide them to your best content and services instead of surprising them with unexpected music and sound. If you want to showcase a video, showcase it in an encouraging way that gives your visitors the option to watch and listen.

5. It’s Old

Things move fast today, not just on the internet. Cars and iPhones are out of date within months and the newest version is out before you know it. “Old” is a subjective term, even when discussing websites. If you’ve renewed your license a couple of times since launching your current website, you definitely need an update. If it’s been a couple of years, making sure you’re keeping up with best practices is important too since online standard and practices change quickly. On top of that, the expectations of online users is always evolving and you should be keeping your website up to date with your brand and services.

The best way to find out if your website has become outdated is to speak with someone (hint: me!) who can give you a knowledgeable and experienced assessment.

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Rose (Voyarly Creative Co.)

Rose is a writer, web designer, strategic brand coach, and the founder and owner of Voyarly Creative Co. Voyarly Creative Co. educates and empowers business owners and entrepreneurs through strategic brand coaching and web design services.

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