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About Me




I’m a human, wife, and avid tea drinker. I’m also a writer, web designer, digital marketer, entrepreneur, and business and brand coach passion about storytelling, meaningful conversations, and helping others uncover their core message and unique voice. I do this through the content I create and share, the professional and freelance work I pursue, and more.

For almost a decade, I’ve worked hard at applying my gifts, talents, and skills to my own businesses and in the start-up and corporate worlds. While successful in my work, in time I realized that I held some very limiting beliefs about the work I really wanted to do.


I love writing, I’ve always been a writer, but I haven’t always let writing lead my work. For all the typical reasons, writing didn’t seem like a sustainable option on its own, which is a bold take for someone who majored in Musical Theatre Performance and spent her youth, university years, and early career as a performer. A story for another post, trust me.

After starting a web design business, freelance coaching and consulting, and building a successful corporate career in marketing, branding, account management, and business development I realized (with the help of family and friends) that I was continuing to bury my passion for writing in my work.

This reincarnation of Rose Carrie is about finally bringing writing (in many forms) and my other creative passions to the forefront.


Sharing My Thoughts Through the Written Word

As long as I can remember, I have been a writer. Whether writing novels, poetry, songs (music and lyrics), journaling, or exploring real-world topics and events through non-fiction pieces, I could always express myself through writing in a special way. Today, while I make a living in business, marketing, and design, I continue to write for the love of writing.


Having deeper conversations when it matters the most.

Changes and challenges in many areas of our life and work are best captured and better understood through discussions with others.

When it comes to conversations, my husband describes me as down to earth with a twist. While I’m human and will gladly admit that I don’t have all the answers, I have learned to embrace my gift for often understanding and connecting the dots quickly for others. I also have the ability to connect genuinely and quickly with others in one-on-one and small group settings. While not quite the same as sitting face to face, I hope this blog can facilitate another way to connect with others and help me share my gifts of clarity and connection.


My mission is to help you build a stronger personal and professional brand from the inside out.

My vision is to help the world become a better, brighter place from the individual out.

I believe that helping more people establish greater confidence, clarity, and direction personally and professionally can lead to more self-reflective, compassionate, and empathetic individuals in the world, leading us, in turn, closer to that better and brighter state.

When professionals, creatives, employees, and entrepreneurs feel confident presenting who they are, their core messages, and their authentic voices, the world around them can’t help but be impacted.


While my current professional ventures encompass business and branding, I am passionate about a variety of other things as well - technology, astronomy and space exploration, advancements in science, mental health, and more.

Personally, I am truly happiest when I'm with my husband and our two cats. I love hiking and time in nature as much as relaxing and recharging. Outside home and the trails, you can often find me meditating, writing, or engaging in meaningful one-on-one conversations with those closest to me.

I have a strong foundation in the performing arts and have traveled the globe. This has led to my fascination with exploring, interacting with, and understanding myself, others, and the collective world around us. That curiosity has made its way into the work I do daily. You can see this in action over on the blog - head over now to read the latest posts.