Career Coaching

Find Clarity in Your Work

The Time is Now

It’s time to clarify your skills, talents, and interests. It’s time to establish greater confidence in your work. It’s time to find direction in the work you do, the services you offer, and the people you work with. If you’ve felt unsure about your skills, talents, passions, and how they align with work that lights you up and helps others, career coaching can help! I work with people just like you who are looking for help discovering, embracing, and pursuing their creative and professional paths. Read more about career coaching and the Career Clarity Program below.

Whether it’s working for someone else or offering products and services in your own business, the work you do plays a large part in your life – create a life that is genuinely fulfilling, authentically you, and allows you to make a significant and lasting contribution to your industry, community, and the lives of others while loving what you do.

The Career Clarity Program

What You Want

  • Work and Career Clarity
  • An Open Space to Explore Yourself
  • Someone Who Understands the Challenges of Finding and Pursuing Truly Meaningful Work

What You Need

  • Tools and Support to Give You Direction
  • Accountability to Keep You on Track
  • The Knowledge and Confidence to Pursue Work You Love

How This Program Can Help

The Career Clarity Program is a six week 1-on-1 program designed to give you a clearer understanding of your strength and passions, as well as a greater understanding of what others want and need so that you can begin to pursue work that is fulfilling to you and fulfills needs in your community and around the world.

The Program & Process


Change starts within. Taking note of how things are in the present moment is one of the best way to gauge changes in the future.

During our first two weeks, you’ll complete personal reflections and start to uncover a solid grounding in yourself and the root of your work and career challenges.


Once you’ve taken a look inward, it’s time to get an outside perspective. Find out how you’re presenting to the world.

You’ll also find out what others truly want and need so that you can make sure to pursue something both fulfilling to you and valued by others.


What have you learned at this point? Are you finding some patterns? What about some inconsistencies?

This time is all about alignment – finding a balance in all that you’ve discovered up to this point. Once you’ve done this work, it’s time to start putting together your plan.


It’s time to take what you know, what you’ve learned, and what you know you need to learn and start creating your path.

Whether you’re drawn to a more “traditional” path, entrepreneurial path, or both – you’ll find you’ve gained the clarity you need to move forward.



Put it all together. Throughout this program you’ll be exercising self-accountability as you put together a personal plan unique to you.

Create and start following a plan that will help you pursue fulfilling work authentic to you.


Now is the time to take action – and keep going!

When we reach the end of this program you will have completed reflections, research, put together a plan, and found the clarity, direction, and confidence you need to pursue work that you love.

Are You Ready?

If you’re interested in or have questions about the Clarity Career Program, contact me using the form below.
Looking forward to talking to you!