Digital courses for greater creative and professional clarity, confidence, and direction.

Running a Business is Rewarding

Running a business also comes with challenges, new discoveries, and the need for growth. My courses are designed to give individuals, creatives, and entrepreneurs greater creative and professional clarity, confidence, and direction.

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These courses will help you explore who you are as an individual and a creative.

2018 Digital Courses

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The Brand Clarity Mini-Course with Rose Carrie

Step into greater brand clarity with The Brand Clarity Mini-Course.

A great brand is all about balance –
balancing an understanding of yourself with an understanding of your audience.

Great branding is as much about who you are as who you serve.
In this course, you’ll explore the Who, What, Why, How, and When of Personal Branding.

Topics Covered Include:

Who You Are (Really)
What You Value
What You Believe
Why You Feel Called to Do What You Do
How You Can Turn Your Personal Brand into a Clear and Confident Business
How to Really Speak to Your Audience
And More

Start branding (or rebranding) yourself and your business with authenticity, clarity, and confidence!

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Stay grounded as you explore who you are as an individual and creative from the inside out.

This is a program for introverts looking for a self-guided personal development course that speaks your language.

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