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A Bit About Me

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I’m a human, wife, writer, web designer/developer, branding strategist, clarity coach, and more. I’m passionate about helping young, established service-based businesses share who they are and what they do with intention, authenticity, creativity, and purpose.

Known for my attentive and personalized approach, my services and resources support personal and professional clarity, confidence, and direction.

I help conscious creators and changemakers with a solid set of services, committed to their calling and ready to invest in the next phase of their business.

My site is the perfect place for you if you're seeking...

A beautiful, modern, and professional website for your new or growing business.

Professional clarity, confidence, and direction for your ever-growing business.

Resources, info, and inspiration for whatever stage you're in on your professional journey.

What I Value

Personally, I value self-awareness and taking a conscious approach to both life and work. I am an advocate for exploring who we are as individuals and as a collective whole, reflecting on what connects us all as humans, and recognizing the struggles and victories we all experience.

Our lives are multi-faceted and filled with depth, so while you'll find a lot on business and personal brand clarity here on the site, you'll also find a lot here on life, self, and soul.

Start Learning

Whether you're just getting started here or you've been here before, you can find the latest on life, work, business, websites, writing, brand strategy, and more by visiting the Rose Carrie Blog here or listening to the Rose Carrie Radio podcast here.

Want to Work Together?

If you’re interested in learning more about my work as a web designer and developer or business and brand strategist, visit my Web Design and Development page here or Business and Brand Strategy coaching page here.


I believe in a world where individuals and organizations showcase who they are and what they stand for with intention, authenticity, honesty, creativity, immense-purpose, and customer-centricity at the forefront of what they do. It is my vision to see that world brought to life with the help of contributions from my own work and the work of all of us as a whole.


I strive to help individuals and organizations find greater personal and professional clarity by providing services and resources that support greater clarity, confidence, and direction. My mission is to be an advocate for and active participant in creating a world where people have the ability to explore and share their gifts, talents, and skills to fill genuine needs in the world.

Services & Resources

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Web Design & Development

Share who you are and what you do with a custom, modern, professional, and easy-to-manage WordPress website. If you’re ready to reach your audience and share your message, you’re in the right place.

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Business & Brand Strategy

Establish greater clarity, confidence, and direction in your life, business, and work with personalized, private Business and Brand Strategy coaching. Now is the time is now to take action and embrace your personal and professional potential.

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The Podcast and Blog

From business and brand clarity to life, self, and soul, the Rose Carrie blog is filled with posts on a variety of topics you'll love.

Read the blog and listen to the podcast to get inspired and join the conversation.

Why Choose Me?

I Do More Than Build Websites

I care about you and your story. Your website is an extension of who you are and what really matters to you. I’ll make sure your website is a genuine reflection and representation of that.

A Site That's Really "You"

My experience spans websites large and small. If you're growing a young, established business, I understand and can help you with your website needs with a custom WordPress website.

A Process You Can Trust

Creativity and strategy are not mutually exclusive. You can be sure we’ll work through a process that is easy, efficient, and enjoyable for all involved.

A Few Things I Love...

My Family

Rose Carrie and Jon.

My husband, Jon, and I met in college and it was love at first sight. Really! We've been together ever since (nearly 10 years) and married in 2015.

We now live in a beautiful home in a great city with our two wonderful cats.

Tea cup.

Hot Tea and a Good Book

I absolutely love tea.

I usually start and ends my days with it and drink it all day in between. My favorite teas are usually herbal, earthy, and sweet and (almost) always with honey/sugar and milk.

As for my love for books?

Whether physical, digital, or audio, fiction or non-fiction - I love a great book.


Music has played an extremely important part of my life in nearly every form.

I am a professionally trained actress/singer/dancer. I also play piano and guitar, as well as write and record my own music.

From my background in the performing arts to my current creative endeavors, music means a lot to me.

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