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Rose Carrie Radio: Confidence is Cultivated


About this Episode

This episode of the Rose Carrie Radio podcast is about a topic that we all spend time addressing every once in a while: confidence. In life and work, confidence evolves over time. It grows with you and your business and is something that needs to be regularly tended to.

Listen to today’s episode where I discuss how confidence is an inside job and how giving it the attention it requires can lead to wonderful outcomes in both life and work.

What You’ll Learn

  • Where the journey to greater confidence begins.
  • Why confidence is not the result of a single moment or thing.
  • How confidence plays a part in laying a strong personal and professional foundation.

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How do you feel about confidence? What is your relationship with confidence in life and work? Be sure to answer these questions and share your story in the comment below!

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Rose Carrie

Hi, I'm Rose. I’m a human, wife, and avid tea drinker. I’m also a writer, web designer, digital marketer, entrepreneur, and business and brand coach passion about storytelling, meaningful conversations, and helping others uncover their core message and unique voice. I do this through the content I create and share, the professional and freelance work I pursue, and more.

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