Should You Hire a Copywriter? 3 Things to Consider.

Knowing whether or not it’s time to hire a copywriter can be tough. It can be even harder writing your own copy in an effective and engaging way. Here are three things to consider to help you determine if it’s time for you to hire a copywriter.

1. Your Copy Doesn’t Connect with Your Audience

Making sure your copy is engaging and speaks to your audience should be a priority. It’s great if someone lands on your website, but if you copy isn’t engaging, informative, and doesn’t represent you and your brand, you’re missing out on a chance to really connect with your ideal customer or client in a genuine way.

Copy that connects starts with a clear understanding of who your ideal customer is, so make sure you’ve taken the time to clarify your brand.

2. Your Copy Doesn’t Sound Like You

Right up there with the most frequent challenges that entrepreneurs and business owners face, simply sharing their story without getting in their own way is definitely on the list. A lot of people have trouble getting their voice down on paper. As hard as they try, they just can’t seem to present themselves in the same way they do in person.

While a common challenge, this is exactly why having someone who can to get to know you and observe your authentic voice from the outside can be extremely beneficial. A copywriter does that and more. As someone outside of your own head who has come to know you, your business, and what drives you to help your clients, a copywriter can help you reach your audience and promote your services in an honest and effective way on your website.

3. Your Copy Isn’t Optimized for Search Engines

In addition to engaging your audience and capturing your voice, your copy serves a more technical purpose – to help others find you for relevant topics in search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Bing. Just like pages and blog posts should be optimized for search engines, the copy on your website should be searched engine optimized as well. This allows search engines to recognize your content (and your website as a whole) for relevant keywords and concepts. A sign of a great web designer and copywriter? An active understanding of SEO and the ability to integrate it into your website, which is crucial for performance.

A copywriter can be a valuable investment for any entrepreneur or business owner. If you think working with one is right for you, contact me today to learn more about what I do and how I can help you.

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Rose (Voyarly Creative Co.)

Rose is a writer, web designer, strategic brand coach, and the founder and owner of Voyarly Creative Co. Voyarly Creative Co. educates and empowers business owners and entrepreneurs through strategic brand coaching and web design services.

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