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The Next Chapter

I’m back with a short post to share that I have returned and am starting fresh here on the site as I enter the next chapter of my business and entrepreneurial journey!

I often emphasize in my own work and with clients how important it is to explore and reassess – well, I’ve been doing just that and will be sharing new resources, content, and more with the knowledge I have acquired in the last 6+ years of entrepreneurship and working for businesses of various sizes (startups, established businesses, and global organizations).

I am so proud of having build a successful business from the ground up over the course of just a few years.

As things became more established, not everything was posted everywhere and, if you’ve started a business for yourself, you’ll know that’s often a very intentional decision. Now, after reflecting on and assessing next steps and my next sets of goals, I am excited to present the next stage of my business and brand.

Keep an eye out for more new and updated content. Be sure to subscribe for additional resources and updates on exclusive content and available services. See you in the next post!

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Rose Carrie

Hi, I'm Rose. I’m a human, wife, and avid tea drinker. I’m also a writer, web designer, digital marketer, entrepreneur, and business and brand coach passion about storytelling, meaningful conversations, and helping others uncover their core message and unique voice. I do this through the content I create and share, the professional and freelance work I pursue, and more.