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You Are the Facilitator

Marketing today isn’t just about “making stuff and showing it off.” When running a business of any size, it is so important to remember that the products you provide and the services you offer help human beings with real wants and needs.

Sometimes people really do know exactly what it is they are looking for, but more often than not, people are looking for an experience, a solution, or a means of education or entertainment to make their lives better. Your service isn’t the end goal – it’s the means by which your customers get there.

Your service isn’t the end goal – it’s the means by which your customers get there.

Rose Carrie

As a consumer, you know that people are often seeking something to make their lives easier and more enjoyable. As a business owner, you hope that something is your something.

Remember that your own experiences as a consumer can influence your approach as a business and brand. Find ways to show your audience that your story (your business, brand, products, and services… your why, what, who, how…) is a part of their solution and you’ll turn simply selling into truly connecting.

Speaking of Connecting…

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